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Welcome to Plant and Gnome

Plant and Gnome is a garden nursery in Charleston, West Virginia,  USA.

 From this website or by mail order you can purchase an eclectic mixture of:

 Bare root, (Dec.-Mar.), and containerized ornamental trees, and shrubs; shipped nearly all year to your door..

 We also sell on this website willow cuttings, (Dec.-Mar.), and Live Green Christmas wreaths.

In Charleston and and surrounding area's we also undertake garden maintenance, renewal, design and installation. Our personal preference is to create spaces that offer year round interest taking into account our clients wishes. We sell plants in April and May at the outdoor 'Farmers Market' at the Capitol Market, in Charleston. At the market, we have many plants that we do not list on here, larger B&B plants suitable for your landscape installation needs, and perennials.

   Poncirus, Abelia mosanensis, Willow Fedge Hedge, Evodia/BEE BEE TREE, Nursery Beds, Rustic rail, Callicarpa, Packing, Stewartii.                          ( Thumbnail pictures can be viewed larger by clicking on them. Use your browsers back button to return to page).

Thank you for visiting our website. You might also like to visit our facebook group page, which we use like a blog and update garden and gnome related news and pictures of plants in flower on a more regular basis:


 If you don't find your answer on either of our sites, please e-mail your question. You can also call or text this number 304 881 7037. We wish you well in all your endeavors.

Happy gardening, Chris. Chief Executive Gnome

Who is the Gnome behind the e-mails and phone ?

Chris  planting bulbs with school children, and relaxing  with master broom maker Kurt Noble at the WV State Folk Festival in Glenville; Chris on left.

For Shipping Customers:

E-mail or phone in your order and we will issue an order acknowledgement, and confirm shipping date. Payment can be made by PayPal or check.

We ship bare root plans and cuttings, ( Nov.- Mar.), and container plants year round subject to weather conditions and the occasional holiday.

We have a fixed Shipping Rate of $10.00 PER ORDER , Shipping is included on Wreath orders.

We only ship plants  to US States East of, but including ND, south to Eastern Texas . We do not ship plants to Florida. The customer is responsible for the suitability of any plant to your location.

We ship plant  orders at the beginning of the week,   for delivery by the end of the week, so your plants will not be in transit over a weekend.

Order with Confidence:  2014 is our 13th year of selling online. We hope to meet your expectations in personal friendly service, with an emphasis on good communication; and the quality of plants.  Get the scoop on Plant and Gnome, from Dave's Garden / The Garden Watchdog, an independent rater of online garden nurseries. http://davesgarden.com/gwd/c/2494/ 

Wreath, Turtle in the Nursery, Red Twig Dogwood, Salix Rubykins, Viburnum 'Sawtooth', Heptacodium, Spirea 'Shirobori'

    easy ordering...... see plants that you like, copy and paste into an e-mail with quantity, shipping state,  send e-mail to Chris@plantandgnome.com  We'll send you an order acknowledgement, confirming availability and how to proceed. Or call: 304 881 7037.