Because of a flood and some other losses we have listed a limited inventory for shipping in 2017

If you do not see a plant listed or are interested in larger or smaller size plants,

they may be available, please inquire.

We have just listed container plants, in the winter we offer bare root plants,

willow cuttings, and holiday wreaths.

Plant information is presented in the following manner.

Latin botanical name, (Genus species), is listed first.
A COMMON NAME will appear in capitals. As common names are apt to change with region,

we do not use them to much for plant identification.
A  'Cultivar' will have punctuation marks around its name and/or be spelt in italics.

A 'cultivar' will replicate the parents attributes of either growth habit, flower, bark, berry

or whatever attribute the parent was selected for.

We classify some plants arbitrarily a tree or shrub, so please cross check, both lists.

If you know a plant only by a 'common name' please inquire if you do not see it listed.

It may be here but under another name.

Container Size:  XLC - 7'' diam. and 9'' deep, or larger, about 2-3gallon
 LC -  5'' diam. and  7'' deep, about 1 gallon

Height - Usually expressed as a minimum.

Price -


Latin botanical COMMON NAME 'Cultivar' Size  Height Price
Abelia mosanensis FRAGRANT ABELIA   LC 2-3' $13.00
Abeliophylum distichum WHITE FORSYTHIA   LC 1-2' $13.00
Callicarpa bodnieri BEAUTY BERRY 'Profusion' LC 1-2' $13.00
Callicarpa dichotoma BEAUTY BERRY 'Early Amethyst' LC 12-18'' $13.00
Calycanthus floridus,  SWEETSHRUB   LC 2-3' $13.00
Chimonanthus praecox WINTERSWEET   LC 1-2' $13.00
Clethera alnifolia SUMMERSWEET  'Ruby Spice'  LC 2' $18.00
Cornus sericea RED TWIG DOGWOOD   LC 1-2' $13.00
Hammamelis x.   Primavera' XLC 2-3' $36.00
Ilex verticillata WINTERBERRY Maryland Beauty' XLX 2-3' $24.00
Itea virginica SWEETSPIRE 'Merlot' LC 1-2' $13.00
Kerria japonica KERRIA   LC 12-15'' $13.00
Lonicera fragrantissima FRAGRANT HONEYSUCKLE   LC 2' $13.00
Ponicirus trifoliata HARDY-ORANGE   LC 1-2' $13.00
Spirea japonica SPIREA Shirobori' LC 1' $13.00
SyringiaXprestoniae LILAC 'Donald Wyman' LC 18-30''' $14.00
Viburnum plic. tomentosum VIBURNUM 'Pink Beauty' LC 2-3' $16.00
Viburnum plicatum VIBURNUM 'Sawtooth'  LC 2-3' $16.00


Latin COMMON Cultivar Size Height  PRICE
Acer triflorum THREE FLOWERED MAPLE   LC 3' $24.00
Aesculus pavia RED BUCKEYE   LC 1-2' $14.00
Cercidiphyllum japonicum KATSURA TREE   LC 2' $13.00
Chionanthus retusus FRINGE TREE   XLC 3' $32.00
Cornus mas CORNELIANCHERRY   LC 2' $13.00
Magnolia macrophylla BIGLEAF MAGNOLIA   LC 1-2' $21.00
Stewartii pseudocamellia JAP.STEWARTII   XLC 3' $28.00
Syringa reticualta TREE LILAC    LC 2' $16.00