Order inquiries should be made by  e-mail or  phone as in the Spring availability can change very quickly.

 e-mail :  Chris@plantandgnome.com

Either 1)Copy and paste plant information  with quantity  required, shipping state and shipping date preference.

Or 2) Type in what you want. We accept bad spelling, common names etc. If we are not sure about something

we will ask.

You will receive an Order Acknowledgement, that confirms availability and payment options.

Phone : (304) 881 7037

You can get to talk to a real person, but we do not have a phone bank of operators.

Have plant, contact / shipping information to hand. We will happily call you back if we miss your call,

please indicate required plant information and  if evening is suitable . We do not take credit card information

over the phone. See payment options below.


On receipt of your order we will send you an Order Acknowledgement.

This will reveal any shortages we may have, add up plant total, and add shipping @ $10.00.

Shipping is included in wreath prices.  Orders shipped to WV locations will have 6% Sales tax added. 

You then have a choice whether to send Check, Money Order or use PayPal for credit card processing.

Please do not send cash.

Check and Money Orders :  All checks / Money Orders made out to, Plant and Gnome, send to:

Plant and Gnome, PO Box 5344, Charleston, WV 25361

Credit Cards : We use PayPal as our credit card processor.( www.paypal.com )

We will send instructions on how to pay with PayPal in your order acknowledgment.

Some Extra Information


We guarantee that our plants our true to name. Our nursery is licensed and inspected by the

WV Dept. of Agriculture, and we hope the plants you receive are healthy and destined for a long happy life.

We cannot guarantee against poor plant selection, poor planting, unusual weather conditions.

Please check yourself that the plant is suitable for planting in your area. 

If you are not happy with the plants you receive, please contact us immediately.

We will not be liable for more than the cost of the plants you receive.  


We charge a flat rate shipping fee of $10.00 on all shipments. This means that if you order 1 plant it is $10

and if you order 50 its is still $10. We  have kept our shipping charge at a flat rate for the following reasons.

1) It makes the ordering process simple.

2) If you only want 1 plant it is good value.

3) If you order more than one plant it serves as a discount on your total order.

We reserve the right to change this on special orders, oversize plants etc .

Your shipping charge will appear in your Order Acknowledgement.

(Shipping fee is included and not charged on Gift Certificates and Wreath orders).

Plants will be shipped in cardboard cartons, by Fed Ex or USPS.


We do not pass your information to any other business or organization.