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Shrubs C

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Callicarpa bodnieri, Profusion', Z 6,7,8, DR/Cut/Berries

Mature height - 7'x6', Growth - Fast, Light - S, Soil - Med., Origin - China

Fall Color - pink/purple

Berry Color - violet, Berry Time - Sept,Oct,Nov,

Larger in final height than our other selections. Interesting new leaf and fall color, tinged with pinky purple. Crop of purple berries. Have not had any success growing as more than a dieback shrub in Zone 5 but fine in Zone 6.

Callicarpa dichotoma, 'Early Amethyst', Z 5,6,7,8, DR/Cut/Berries

Mature height - 4'x3', Growth - Fast, Light - S, Soil - Med., Origin - China, Japan

Berry Color - purple, Berry Time - Sept,Oct,Nov,

Early dark blue-purple berries. Great berries for contrast in fall decorating or viewing in the garden. Its amazing how nature has still more to give even after a hot summer. Plant is often a dieback shrub in Zone 5 and larger in the South.

Summers end luxury.

Callicarpa japonica, 'Leucocarpa', Z 5,6,7,8, DR/Cut/Berries

Mature height - 5'x5', Growth - Fast, Light - S, Soil - Med., Origin - Japan

Berry Color - White, Berry Time - Sept, Oct, Nov,

White berries may last long enough for contrast with hollies red berries for winter decorating. Usually though they are a bit earlier. Easy to grow.

Calycanthus floridus, SWEETSHRUB, Z 4,5,6,7,8,9 DR/Frag.

Mature height - 7'x6', Growth - Med., Light - S / Psh, Soil - Med., Origin - Eastern US

Deliciously fragrant, (strawberry ), dark red flowers that bloom in May and sporadically throughout summer.

Strawberries without the cream.

Celastrus scandens, AMERICAN BITTERSWEET, Z 3,4,5,6,7,8, DR/Cut/Berries

Mature height - 20', Growth - Fast, Light - S, Soil - Poor, Origin - US

Berry Color - orange, Berry Time - Sept,Oct,Nov

Great for fresh and dried arrangements, a staple of the floral industry. Rather rampant so a poor spot will keep it in check. We will send you 5 plants to insure pollination.

Pumpkin berries.

Clethera barbinervis, JAPANESE CLETHERA, Z 5,6,7, Bfly/Brk

Mature height - 15'X6', Growth - Med., Light - S-Psh, Soil - Dry-Med., Origin - Eastern US

Grown as much for its bark as its fragrant flowers. Needs good organic-laden soil, and better is shade in  hotter areas.

Clethera acuminata, CINNAMON CLETHERA, Z 5,6,7,8, Bfly/Brk

Mature height - 8'X6', Growth - Med., Light - S-Psh, Soil - Dry-Med., Origin - Eastern US

A collectors native that proves adaptable to conditions and adds peeling bark and attractive white flowers. Flowers not as fragrant as 'alnifolia' selections but rather showy long strings of white. As it matures we appreciate the bark more and more. Couldn't confirm that they were native or perhaps introduced at a State Park we stayed at in Central WV. The plants without leaves were a standout in early Spring without leaves. Reminded me of a Crepe Myrtle or Paper Bark Maple.

Mountain Sweet Pepperbush (Clethra acuminata) bark Bark

Clethera alnifolia, SUMMERSWEET, 'Ruby Spice', 4,5,6,7,8,9, DR, Hon 

Mature height - 8'x6', Growth - Med., Light - S-Psh, Soil - Med.-Wet, Origin - East, SW US

Flower Color - pink, Flower Time - July, Aug, Fall Color - yellow

Nice plant for shady area, that will also take some shade. Complements late summer Hydrangeas with its little pink fragrant spiky flowers. Seems to be attractive to bees. We always get good yellow fall color as well.

Corylopsis spicata, SPIKE WINTERHAZEL,  5,6,7,8, For/Cut/Frag. 

Mature height - 4'X6', Growth - Med., Light - S-Psh, Soil - Med., Origin - Japan

Flower Color - yellow, Flower Time - April,  

Nice blue-green leaf and fragrant yellow April flowers.

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