Dr. Gerardine Neylon of the University of Western Australia Visits Gengdan Institute for Close Communication with Teachers and Students

Release time:2019-6-10 16:43:57

On May 8th, Dr. Gerardine Neylon,the director of early childhood education at the University of Western Australia (Faculty of Western Australia), visited Gengdan College, the Dean of Humanities school Dr.Li Jie and the head of English majors Mr.Zhang Jingru, the head of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language majors Ms.Liu Yan, and the Director of the International Office Ms.Wang Xiaoyu for reception.

In the morning, Dr. Gerardine firstly visited Gengdan Kris kindergarten, Dr.Li Jie detailed the the establishment history of the kindergarten, the concept of running a school, Gengdan Kris kindergarten as an inclusive private kindergarten, pay attention to the growth of young children. Kindergarten classrooms, activities, playgrounds, lounges, canteen and so on, everywhere reflect the sense of science and technology. In the playground, Dr. Gerardine and the Children interacting happily. Dr Gerardine highly praised the overall décor and facilities in the kindergarten.

And then, Gerardine and Ms.Li Jie as experts in the Education of Chinese and foreign children, the two sides jointly discussed, shared and studied the early Childhood education system, development status and future trends in China and Australia, as well as in other countries.


Subsequently, in the first conference room of the Administrative building of Gengdan, Dr. Gerardine held a discussion with the faculty and students of the Humanities school. Dr. Gerardine introduced the details of the Master's Degree in early childhood education at the University of Western Australia, the application requirements, future employment prospects, the teacher's mission and responsibilities, and shared Australia's interesting historical and cultural knowledge with the students. Dr. Li Jie also shared her overseas experience, encouraged students to try more, challenge themselves, to be more self-confidence in the individual, develop the daily habit of communicating in English. Mr. Xiaoyu, the director of the International Office, also added to the students that the University of Western Australia and our school have established the cooperation since 2015, there are many teachers and students from Gengdan to the University of Western Australia to participate the winter vacation courses in every January, the two schools in the 3+1 curriculum also has cooperation, she encourage students to do a good job planning from the lower grades, in advance for the future of the individual.

After the discussion, Dr. Gerardine visited Gengdan campus. This visit has enhanced the study and exchange between Gengdan Institute, Gengdan kris Kindergarten and the University of Western Australia, and the two sides have reached a number of consensus on the future selection of early childhood education. 


Attached: The University of Western Australia (UWA) was founded in 1911, in Perth, the capital of the Western Australian, and was classified as one of the 6 sandstone institutions (Sandstone universities) in Australia. Since its creation, the University of Western Australia has been one of the most historic, representative and powerful research universities in Australia, ranking among the many authoritative Australian universities. It is also Australia's eight leading schools.

Written:School of Humanities

Edited by: International Office

Source: BGD News (Chinese)

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