Studying abroad lecture held by international office

Release time:2021-12-10 15:08:07

Recently, Ms. Wang Xiaoyu, director from the international office and Mrs. Han Xi from the office held two lectures on studying abroad for students to share their experience and answer common questions.


Mrs. Wang mainly talked about application materials. At the lecture, she introduced cases of excellent alumni and played a videos to help students understood how to prepare the materials. In addition, she introduced in details the relevant issues for students, which inspired students' confidence in studying abroad. She also encourage students to make a plan in a holistic and long-term way. 



Mrs. Han manily focused on the double degree courses. She introduced the content, application materials and timelines  and explained how to choose a suitable course for students.



At the lectures, both of them gave some advice for students: students should cherish the high-quality learning resources provided by Gengdan Institute, acquire professional knowledge, do their best to improve English level, actively participate in exchange courses and activities, and make sufficient preparations for further study or employment in the future.

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