The International office held first session of this semester -University for the Creative Arts

Release time:2021-10-19 14:46:31

On the afternoon of October 12th, The International Office invited Lisa, a teacher from the China Office of UCA, to give the first session of this semester. She introduced the situation and double degree courses to students of UCA in details through the cloud. 

Lisa specifically explained the campus environment, dormitory conditions, scholarships, world-class facilities and high-quality professional teachers. She highlighted the high college employment rate in the UK, which is a demonstration of the quality of teaching and social competitive force of students in the UK. The excellent location also provided convenience for students to practice. Finally, she conveyed the recognition and encouragement from UCA teachers to students in BGD, also heartened them to study hard and lay a solid foundation for their future study and life.


More than half of the students attending this session are freshman in BGD. Mr. Zhu, who came from International Office, told the students to participate in international exchange activities actively, to affirmation and encouragement themselves.

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