International Office held online seminar of Macao University of Science and Technology

Release time:2022-3-25 13:53:13

On March 22nd, The International Office held an online lecture about the exchange program offered by Macao University of Science and Technology (MUST).  Mr. Chang, a lecturer from MUST., was invited to introduce the program, and Ms. Jia, who is currently studying at MUST as an exchange student from BGD, to share her experience.


Mr.Chang began by giving an introduction to MUST With the motto of "dedication to practical studies, enhancement of knowledge, ability and quality".  MUST has been listed among the Top 100 universities in the Ranking of Top Universities in Greater China rating system for ten consecutive years and ranked 17th in 2020. It also placed 32nd on the Asia University Rankings list in 2020 and 2021.  The university comprises ten colleges, offering programs in literature, science, law, management, business, medicine, arts, communications, etc. It provides sound infrastructure for its students and has established cooperation with many other universities and academic institutions.


Ms. Jia introduced life in Macao from two perspectives: first, as a student, it was her experience that the courses provided by MUST cultivate student’s critical thinking ability due to the university’s Western-style teaching approach; secondly, it is her opinion that life in Macao is quite convenient and varied, because it offers people rich resources for daily life and entertainment.  For now, the pandemic situation remains stable and student safety is guaranteed.


During the lecture, multiple students asked questions to learn more details about the exchange program of MUST.  Some students added teachers’ WeChat accounts in order to enable further discussion.


A total of 138 students from different majors and grades participated in the online lecture.  It was a brand-new experience for the international office during the pandemic when students are studying from home in different cities.  It provided students with the latest information about  the various exchange programs offered by our university.  At the same time, it served as a reminder for students to make reasonable plans and preparations for their future studies and personal development.


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