Chinese representatives from Purdue University Northwest visit Gengdan Institute

Release time:2021-12-3 15:10:05

Chinese representatives Mrs. Guo Jiali and Mr. Yang Xiuyun from Purdue University Northwest (PNW) visited Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology On November 19, 2021 to discuss the cooperation program English Training in Engineering (ETIE) with Mr. Li Jingzeng, dean of Institute of Technology Ms Wang Xiaoyu, director of International office and Zhu Jiangyi project manager of the international office.


Mr. Guo specifically introduced the project ETIE held by Purdue University Northwest. Founded in 2006, the project recruits undergraduates and postgraduates majoring in engineering. More than 30 universities in China including Central South University, Beijing Institute of Technology, China University of petroleum, and Shanghai University have introduced this program for a long time and over 580 Chinese excellent students have joined it, among which 70% has chosen to continue to pursue postgraduate education at PNE.


Mr. Li Jingzeng, dean of Institute of Technology,made a short introduction to institute including the curriculum planing and teaching arrangements of majors. Mr. Li said, PNW enjoys great reputation and the project ETIE provides a good learning opportunity for engineering students. The Institute of technology will be happy to reach cooperation to create an international learning platform for students and cultivate high-level talents for the society.  


Both sides discussed the program in depth and reached a preliminary agreement.Improvement would be made so that the cooperation courses of PNW would be officially started in our institute.




PS: Introduction to Purdue University Northwest


Purdue University ranks among the top ten universities in America regarding engineering education. It’s a founding member of the Big Ten, a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), and a member of Public Ivies. The Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge were built by teachers and students in Purdue University. Purdue University produced 13 Nobel laureates. Deng Jiaxian, the founder of China's two bombs, Liang Sili, the first generation of rocket experts, Chen Xuejun and Wang Buxuan, the founders of thermal engineering were graduated here.


Purdue University Northwest is a comprehensive regional university. Its two campuses are located in northwest Indiana, near Chicago and on the shore of Indiana dune national lake. PNW has more than 15,000 students and nearly 70 undergraduate and graduate programs. It is the fifth largest public university in Indiana. The northwest campus and the main campus of Purdue University are fully managed by the Purdue University Management Committee. The enrollment of undergraduates of Purdue University Northwest is managed by the northwest campus, and the enrollment of postgraduates is managed and operated by the West Lafayette campus.

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