Teachers and students from Gengdan institute visit the China International Fair for Trade in Services

Release time:2021-9-23 19:53:01

On Sept.4th, teachers from International office lead 16 students from different grades and different majors visit China International Fair for Trade in Services which was held in “the New Shougang High-end Industry Comprehensive Service Park.


The education service exhibition with the theme of“Education leads the future” focus on four main subject: regional education corporation, international education, AI education and integrated service area which reflects the development of China’s education word wide, studying abroad service, and the new technology & product which assistants the intelligent education.


After finishing the tour about Education Services, students chose various exhibition according to their own major and interest.  At the end of the day, according to students’ feedback, they consider that through this visit, they intuitively felt the strength of China and the influence of our country in the present situation, the show itself not only broadened their horizons but also benefit a lot for their life planning.


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