11 teachers and students of BGD studied in Macao during the winter vacation

Release time:2022-3-9 13:50:27

In order to broaden their international horizons and experience a different social and cultural atmosphere, 10 students from our university led by Mr. Zhu Jiangyi from the International Office participated in an 8-day international talent-training exchange course held by the University of Macao and the United Nations in Macao during the winter vacation, together with students from other universities on the mainland.


During the one-week, English-only course, the students learned from the professors of the University of Macao about current economic and technological developments as well as the impact of the global economy on China's own economy and the reasons behind it by analyzing global data.  They also gained an in-depth understanding of the 17 goals of the United Nations for human development and the motives behind them, as a result of a detailed explanation having been provided by two researchers from the United Nations Research Institute in Macao, who acknowledged their awareness of the significance of China’s achievements in its implementation of the government’s plan to alleviate poverty . 


Toward the end of the course, students from different universities teamed up to work independently on a topic of interest by collecting information, analyzing problems, conducting discussions, attempting to find solutions and finally delivering their presentations as a team.  Such activities are good for practicing students' critical thinking, teamwork and public speaking skills.  After the class, the students chose different ways to explore the city and experience the local culture.  They visited Macao Museums, Science and Technology Parks, City University of Macao and other places in order to gain an in-depth understanding of Macao's history, society, universities, etc.


All students from our university performed well throughout the course and obtained certificates, letters of recommendation, and transcripts issued by the University of Macao.  Yin Yuqing, a marketing major, who enrolled in 2020, and Fang Jingyi and Zhang LuChen, both majoring in international economy and trade, who enrolled in 2019 and 2020 respectively, performed so well that they received additional certificates of excellence.  Overall, our students demonstrated a high degree of academic skill and ability and were highly praised by the program organizers and lecturers from the University of Macao.


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