Foreign teacher John held lecture on English learning

Release time:2021-12-15 15:25:03

The International Office invited British foreign teacher John to give a lecture about "English Study" to the students on December 7th.

As a native English speaker, John first used a video to explain the reason why we need to learn English. Due to the development of globalization, English, as an widely-used language, plays an increasingly important role in our life. With better English ability, we will have more choices for entertainment in daily life and also for career development.

Then, John sorted out 10 reasons for learning English with corresponding methods based on his own experience of English teaching. For instance, watching English films and singing English songs are practical ways to improve English. In the short term, spending some time in daily life to practice English will reduce the pressure for preparing English exams. In the long term, acquiring great English skills will help us get information and knowledge from more sources and broaden horizonslaying a solid foundation for the future study and life. For example, we may stand out among applicants for jobs or universities for our language skills.  



John delivered his speech in English, which maybe a challenge for some students. But the International Office will continue to organize English lecture like this in order to remind and help students to improve English ability. Teachers from the office hope that students will make  breakthroughs in learning English in the future to embrace the global world. 

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