Studying at UoF: Lecture Held by International Office

Release time:2021-11-12 16:29:58

On November 2nd, lecture about the undergraduate double degree courses of University of Huddersfield (hereafter UoF) was hold by International Office in room Z308. Mr. Zhan from UoF Office of China,as the speaker, introduced UoF and the courses in details.

Founded in 1841, since The University of Huddersfield is well known for its high teaching quality, friendly atmosphere and close community relations, all of which made it the winner of Gold Teaching Excellence & Student Outcomes Framework (TEF) award in June 2017 and the first Global Teaching Excellence Award. In the International Student Barometer of 2018, UoF was ranked Top 1 among UK universities in student satisfaction survey.


During the lecture, Mr.Zhang specifically introduced the undergraduate double-degree course. After successfully completing the courses of BGD and UoF, students will obtain degree certificates from the two universities. So far, four students from BGD had participated in the program and they benefited from it. When they applied for graduate programs, they received offers from The University of Warwick, University of Nottingham, University of Sussex, Durham University, University of Birmingham and University of York. Obviously, their previous study experience was served as a springboard for their applications for graduate schools.

During the Q & A session, Mr. Zhan answered questions about application requirements, courses content, and COVID-19 control measures.

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