The International Business School of Gengdan Institute Officially Joined the International Business School Alliance

Release time:2019-6-11 16:20:46

From 8th May to 10th May, 2019, a delegation from Gengdan International Business School went to Heilongjiang International University (HIU) to attend the 26th Network of International Business Schools (NIBS), which declared that the International Business Gengdan Institute had officially become a member of the Network of International Business Schools(NIBS).


The teachers from the International Business Schools represented Gengdan to attend the annual meeting of NIBS,they are the head of Financial Engineering Mr.Sheng Dachen, the head of International Economics and Trade Ms.Shan Wenbo, the head of Financial Management Ms.Lu Juan, and other excellent teacher Mr.Wang Tianyou, Mr. Gao Sheng, Ms.Wu WeiWei,Ms.Zhao Yan, Ms.Zhang Jian, Mr.Wang Siyuan. During the meeting, teachers and representatives from more than 70 business schools around the world jointly discussed the development of business education in the era of globalization and digital economy, and strived for advanced educational resources at home and abroad for the teachers and students of Gengdan International Business School.


Prof. Sheng Dachen made a keynote speech on behalf of Gengdan International Business School at the NIBS, which declared that Gengdan International Business School had officially become a member of NIBS. Gengdan International Business School will bring broad development to students' international employment, international academic research and international learning after joining the alliance formally. Gengdan International Business School will be based on local and focus on global perspectives.

In the Network International Business Schools (NIBS), we will actively cooperate with business schools around the world in case study competitions, business planning competitions, and academic research of teachers to train high-quality people with international, innovative and interdisciplinary thinking.


Written:International Business School

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Source: BGD News (Chinese)

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