Exhibition notice: 2022 artwork exhibition tour of international art institutions will stop off in Beijing soon

Release time:2022-4-24 10:51:01

The 2022 artwork exhibition of international art institutions will make its fifth stop in Beijing on May 11th.  The exhibition in Beijing is jointly sponsored by the Jiayijia International Exchange Center and a group of internationally renowned art academies and organized by the Gengdan Academy of Design from Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology (BGD).  It will showcase a selection of outstanding works of art created by the teachers and students of more than ten international universities situated in a number of countries around the world including the United States, Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Australia,  the Slovak Republic, Spain, and Russia.  The exhibition will focus on the education, philosophy, and achievements of these pioneering artists and the institutions which they represent.


The Gengdan Academy of Design of Gengdan Institute of Beijing University of Technology, which adheres to the philosophy of international education, will also display some of their educational achievements of recent years by making international exchanges.  The two exhibitions will serve as windows of opportunity for all teachers and students at BGD, who are dedicated to improving international operations and the quality of education, to perceive and draw on the status quo in regard to international art and design education as well as the overall performance and professional level of the university’s international counterparts.  


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