Gengdan Institute was selected into Collection of Selected Cases of International Education Exchanges along the Belt and Road

Release time:2021-12-10 14:54:30

The Belt and Road Education International Exchange Seminar and the third council and members conference of Belt & Road Education Committee, China Education Association for International Exchange (BREC, CEAIE ) was held in Shanghai on the afternoon of December 4thCollection of Selected Cases of International Education Exchanges along the Belt and Road was released at the conference. Gengdan Institute, as a member of BREC, participated in this conference online.

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An Yan, deputy secretary general of CEAIE, delivered an online speech. Speakers were also included Chen Zhimin, chairman of CEAIE and vice director of Belt and Road Education Action Promotion Committee of CEAIE, and Chen Zhimin,vice-principal of Fudan University. Chen Yugang, secretary general of BREC, CEAIE and director of Publicity Office of Fudan University, presided over the conference and presented the work summary of 2021 and work plan of 2022.



As China's first casebook focusing on international education exchange along the Belt and Road",Collection of Selected Cases of International Education Exchanges along the Belt and Road(hereinafter called the casebook)was released at the conference. The case of our university, which was the youth exchange workshops was selected into the casebook. It demonstrated recognition and support from CEAIE for our efforts put into international exchanges in the past few years.


This collection has selected 35 excellent cases from 33 universities across the country. It reflects achievements and effectiveness of various institutions in promoting international education exchanges and serving the construction of the Belt and Road, as well as China’s internationalization of education since reform and opening up. At the same time, these valuable cases provide a wealth of practical references for universities to solve problems such as talent shortage and limited exchange forms in the current the Belt and Road development path and to improve the internationalization level of universities against the the background of epidemic.


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