IELTS Public Lecture Kicks Off

Release time:2021-11-26 14:50:01

To help students better prepare IELTS test, the International Office and Recruiting and Employment Office establish cooperation with Beijing School of New Channel International Education Group  to held a series of lectures titled IELTS Public Lecture. In total, there will be five lectures delivered by professional teachers from Beijing School focusing on listening, speaking, reading, writing and overall preparation strategies of IELTS.


On the afternoon of November 17th, the first lecture on listening preparation strategy was delivered by Mr. Fu Yang, a senior teacher from Beijing School at room 408 of the main building. Mr. Fu started with a humorous self-introduction, which attracted students’ attention, and then entered the main content of the lecture. He first made a brief introduction to IELTS test, including its function, scoring, content, test time, registration fees, etc. Students who have not been exposed to IELTS therefore have a basic and comprehensive understanding of this test. Then, Mr. Fu focused on the listening test preparation strategy. He read out listening questions with standard pronunciation and invited students to give answers. In the next, he summed up and explained the features of different accents while giving some tips for answering these questions and preparing for them before the real test. At the end of the lecture, Mr. Fu shared some audio materials for practice and gave IELTS vocabulary books to every student present. The lecture offered theoretical knowledge, practical skills and preparation materials, and all the students present said they benefited a lot.



IELTS Public Lecture will be held on every Wednesday afternoon in the next four weeks. Students from all the grades and majors are welcomed to attend them. The International Office hopes these lectures can help students prepare for IELTS test and build English language skills and use them as keys to a wider world in the long run .



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